Hendrik Zimmermann

Senior Advisor - Digitalisation, Democracy and Sustainability
Germanwatch e.V.
Stresemannstr. 72


+49 (0)30 / 57 71 328-72


+49 (0)30 / 57 71 328-11

Hendrik Zimmermann focuses on energy system innovations and the digital transformation. He explores future energy grids in the project ENSURE, which brings together 20 partner organizations. In this context he addresses justice and acceptability aspects. Furthermore, he coordinates Germanwatch’s activities on digital transformation. His focus herein is on digital energy transitions (smart meter, smart grids, artificial intelligence, blockchain).

He joined Germanwatch in 2013 and has since worked on issues such as business cases for energy transitions, investments in future-oriented businesses and economies and agent-based modeling of European energy markets. He has advised the German Federal Ministry for Research. Since early 2018, he is active in the Bits & Bäume movement.

Hendrik Zimmermann studied Economics, Business and Political Science in Münster/Germany and Växjö/Sweden. He has a master’s degree in European Studies from the Universities of Bath/England, Prague/Czech Republic and Berlin/Germany, focusing on energy economics. Before working at Germanwatch he worked at the Landtag (regional parliament) of North-Rhine Westphalia, in business development, in universitarian teaching, for a newspaper and at the Institute for Ecological Economy Research. He was active at Greenpeace for many years.