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At the 28th climate negotiations in Dubai, the global community heralded the beginning of the end of the fossil fuel era. In the long term, all signatory states want to phase out coal, oil, and gas. Even if this goal has yet to be realised, this is important progress – and one of the most important decisions of the climate conference. 

What else was decided? What were the breakthroughs? And which decisions are rather disappointing? The Germanwatch debrief reviews the conference and provides a detailed analysis of the following topics:

-  Global Stocktake,    
-  Climate Mitigation and Just Transition,    
-  Adaptation,    
-  Loss and Damage,    
-  Climate Finance,    
-  Reform of the International Financial Architecture,    
-  Food Security & Deforestation.

David Ryfisch, Petter Lydén, Rixa Schwarz, Lina Ahmed, Bertha Argueta, Katharina Brandt, David Eckstein, Julia Grimm, Vera Künzel, Kerstin Opfer, Giovanni M. Pradipta, Laura Schäfer, Lisa Schultheiß, Martin Voß
Publication date
Ryfisch, D., et al., 2024, COP28 – Debrief.
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Briefing Paper


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Head of Division – Future-proof Finance

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Head of Division – International Climate Policy