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Are you also interested in making our society more sustainable? Are you also in favor of giving people in countries of the south the freedom for development that they deserve? If yes, then we think that your membership in Germanwatch is a good way to realize these goals.

Sustainability is one of the most important guiding principles of Germanwatch. Above all, sustainability means thinking and planning over long periods of time. In order to be able to do this, Germanwatch needs your long-term support in form of the annual membership fee or a regular donation. Only then long-term campaigns and projects can be planned and implemented. This is how you can make a real change with your commitment. Many of our members have been with Germanwatch since the very beginning. Join this group of committed women and men and support Germanwatch as a member!

We offer you two types of membership:

1. Support regularly and reliably with sponsoring membership

You want to support our work for global justice & the preservation of livelihoods on a regular basis, but do not want to become active yourself? Then the sponsoring membership is just right for you. Sponsoring members enjoy the same benefits as voting members, but have no voting rights (cf § 3 para 2 of the statues).

Minimum contribution:

  • Natural person: EUR 60,00/year (corresponds to EUR 5,00/month or approx. 16 cents per day)
  • Legal person (associations, corporations, companies etc.): by arrangement

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2. Help shape and co-decide as a voting member

If you want to have an influence on the direction of Germanwatch, you should become a member of us today. It can be in the election of the board of directors or in other ways: as a voting member, you take part in deciding on objectives and on the broad lines for the use of project funds, donations and membership fees.

Minimum membership fee:

  • Regular: EUR 150,00/year, corresponds to EUR 12,50/month or approx. 42 cents per day
  • Reduced (students, trainees, unemplyoed, single parents): EUR 120,00/year, corresponds to EUR 10,00/month

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  • Goverment members and members of a legislative body do not enjoy active or passive voting rights with Germanwatch for the duration of this activity (for this period, they automatiically have the status of a sponsoring member). This is the only way to ensure that Germanwatch remains its independence from the institutions that we critically observe.
  • Legal persons can only be accepted as sponsoring members (see above).
Team Leader Public Relations, Service for Members and Donors Team
+49 (0)228 / 60 492-37

Your advantages as a member of Germanwatch

1. Regular information on our sustainability issues (EINBLICK magazine, Germanwatch°Kompakt newsletter)

2. Discount on the purchase of paid Germanwatch publications

3. Invitation to events (lectures,presentations, etc.)

4. Membership fees are tax deductible

5. Cancellation is possible at any time at the end of the year


Others about Germanwatch

Why I think Germanwatch is valuable - Hans Rudolf Herren


"One positive experience before and at the Rio+20 conference for the Biovision team was the constructive cooperation with other NGOs. That’s why I welcome the initiative of Germanwatch to strengthen such collaboration. For our commitment to initiate a global change in agricultural policy towards sustainable ecological smallholder farming structures to ensure food security for all, we are dependent on reliable and committed partners. Together we are stronger!" (October 2012)

Dr. Hans Rudolf
Winner of the World Food Prize, Founder and President of Biovision Foundation, Switzerland, and President of the Millennium Institute in Washington