News | 10 November 2015

G20 - a turning point?

Germanwatch, Climate Action Tracker and Climate Transparency Initiative publish G20 Report
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The G20 make up two thirds of the world population, produce four fifth of the global economic output, and account for three quarters of global Greenhouse gas emissions. The average G20 per capita emissions are nearly 11 tons of CO2e. To keep global warming below 2°C, global per capita emissions need to be reduced to 1-3 tCO2e by 2050.

The study "G20 Climate Action – a turning point?" gives an overview on the current situation of the G20, as well as looking for trends and future plans. Results of the annual published Climate Change Performance Index by Germanwatch, as well as the results of the Climate Action Tracker were resumed and evaluated for each G20 Country.

The overall report, as well as detailed information for each G20 Country is provided at