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For your special investment in global justice and the preservation of livelihoods.

As a trust Foundation, the Germanwatch Foundation directly supports the environmental and development policy actvities of Germanwatch.

If you value the goals and effectiveness of Germanwatch's strategic approach, you can put them on a sustainable basis with a sustainable donation. In this way, you expand the scope for actions and enable particularly important and innovative measures that are not adequately financed. Your contribution to the overall program and to the necessary infrastructure of Germanwatch is an investment in global justice and the preservation of livelihoods.

The Germanwatch Foundation was established by Germanwatch in December 2014, and its fiduciary management is carried out by the Foundation for Sustainability (Stiftung Zukunftsfähigkeit). With this it represents an additional option for all supporters who want to support the work of Germanwatch exclusively and do not want to do this by giving a donation to Germanwatch e.V. to be used up in the near future, but with a long lasting donation.

Your Foundation support

Your sustainable donation to the Germanwatch Foundation has an impact and offers you further advantages:

  • Your donation remains in the capital stock of the Germanwatch Foundation in the long term and is invested by us on the basis of strict sustainability criteria.
  • Another advantage: Compared to usual donations, there are even more favorable legal provisions for the tax deductibility of larger amounts for this kind of donation.
  • You will receive a donation receipt at the beginning of the following year, on request also before

How you can support the foundation

We would be pleased to receive your financial contribution under the keyword "Zustiftung" at the following bank account of the Germanwatch Foundation:

  • GLS-Gemeinschaftsbank eG
    IBAN: DE23 4306 0967 0014 0396 02


The minimum amount for sustainable donations to the Germanwatch Foundation is 1,000 euros for administrative reasons. If the amount is less than this, we ask you to send it directly to Germanwatch e.V. in the form of a usual donation:

  • Germanwatch-donation account:
    Bank für Sozialwirtschaft AG
    IBAN: DE95 3702 0500 0003 2123 23
    Donate directly

An offer for foundation founders

If you are interested in establishing your own foundation with a name of your choice, whose objectives coincide with those of Germanwatch and the Foundation for Sustainability, it is possible starting with an amount of 250,000 euros - please feel free to contact us.  As a dependent foundation under the umbrella of the Foundation for Sustainability, this can be arranged very efficiently, so that your foundation can be active in promoting with little additional administrative effort.


The Germanwatch Foundation

For your special investment in global justice and the preservation of livelihoods.

Foundation Board

  • Dr. Gerold Kier (Chairman)

  • Klaus Milke

  • Michael Windfuhr

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