About us

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About Germanwatch

Germanwatch is an independent development, environmental, and human rights organisation that lobbies for sustainable global development. For us, sustainable development means socially equitable, ecologically sound, and economically stable.

We look back on more than 30 years of experience and over 650 successful projects. We have established ourselves as an important agent of civil society whose work has significant impact. Without Germanwatch, some important milestones in climate action and development policies would have been reached much later or in some cases not all.

More than 100 full-time and voluntary staff work at our locations in Bonn and Berlin, as well as interns and young people doing a Voluntary Social Year at Germanwatch. In addition, there is a growing network of volunteers, honorary staff, and international organisations.


Our topics

  • Climate mitigation and adaptation, loss and damage
  • Corporate responsibility
  • World food, agriculture, and trade
  • Sustainable digitalisation and democracy
  • Education for sustainable development
  • Sustainable finance
  • Climate and human rights litigation


How we work


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We create transparency: Our economic system and way of life have severe consequences for the planet and its inhabitants.

This is especially true for those who live in the Global South. This is why we work closely with those most affected by human rights violations and the climate crisis.

We strive for an economic and societal model in the EU which no longer undermines the livelihoods and human rights of people all around the world.


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Interdependent and complex crises combined with limited time need both short-term improvements and integral long-term solutions.

We combine the perspectives and mindsets of different stakeholders, including consumers, science and civil society, politics and law, economy and financial markets.

We provide think tank services, such as science-based analyses and policy recommendations, report on new research on our topics and include them in the democratic dialogue.


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Current global challenges require fundamental changes and decisions on the highest political and corporate level.

We operate and advocate where these relevant decisions are made. We engage in constructive dialogue with decision makers in politics and business—and resort to legal approaches if necessary.

Networking is what defines us: We draw on a global network of policymakers, business executives, partner organisations and foundations, and collaborate with people living in the most affected areas. That way, we constitute a strong lobby for sustainable development.