News | 14 February 2016

Viewpoint: "Cropping and cashing: institutional solutions for synergetic climate finance for mitigation and adaptation in agriculture"

by Lisa Junghans & Michel Köhler
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For many developing countries ensuring food security remains a key development challenge, often aggravated by climate change impacts. However, a number of governments that set-up national climate change strategies with the intention to improve conditions in the agricultural sector often find it difficult to address climate change mitigation, adaptation and food security elements in a synergy-oriented manner. The question arises what kind of institutional set-up would be required to better address this challenge?

Germanwatch and the consultancy Perspectives have coordinated a project in order to find a solution to this. Conceptually supporting policymakers and stakeholders in Kenya (African Centre for Technological Studies), Bangladesh (Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies) and Honduras (Fundacíon Vida), we have jointly developed a concept that can bring forward the pathway of climate resilience and low-carbon development in the agricultural sector, without jeopardizing food security.