Argumentation map: The expansion of extra-high voltage direct current transmission lines (HVDC)

Vorschaubild Argumentationslandkarte

The argumentation map deals with the currently planned extra-high voltage direct current transmission lines (HVDC) in Germany and, in particular, with the debate as to whether/why HVDCs should be built or not. In this respect, it aims to serve as a clear representation of the various and complex topical arguments and theses, without evaluating them.

Objective and content

The map is intended to provide as comprehensive and orderly an overview of the debate as possible. It enables the linking-up of otherwise parallel debates: Political arguments, as well as scientific and civil society arguments are presented and existing content-related connections become visible. It contains arguments and theses from very different stakeholder groups, such as citizens' initiatives, politicians, network operators and scientists.

Individual arguments are clearly ordered according to their relation to other arguments and theses, so that their role in a debate becomes clear. Arguments can support or counter other arguments. In addition, arguments are clustered into topic blocks, so that an overview of individual sub-topics of the debate is also possible. In the debate on the necessity of HVDC expansion, these include, for example, arguments on nature and landscape conservation, the network development plan, intra-EU trade and the decentralised energy transition.

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