Chicken meat tested for resistance to Critically Important Antimicrobials for Human Medicine

Cover: Study 'Chicken Meat tested' 2020
Ranking of EU chicken meat companies according to contamination by antibiotic-resistant pathogens

Germanwatch discloses: Chicken meat from the PHW-Group, Germany's largest poultry company, is almost 60 percent contaminated with antibiotic-resistant pathogens. This is the result of a Germanwatch study in which chicken meat samples from the three largest EU producers were tested in the laboratory. Every third sample even showed resistance to reserve antibiotics. These are emergency antibiotics that people need when other antibiotics no longer help. The more resistant pathogens are introduced into the food chain and into our kitchens with chicken meat, the greater the health risk that these last-line antibiotics will lose their effectiveness.

The EU will decide in these weeks: protection of people or protection of industrial intensive livestock farming.

Germanwatch demands: Reserve antibiotics only for humans! Prohibition of these valuable substances in food-producing animals!

Reinhild Benning
together with: Tobias Reichert, Dr. Klemens van de Sand, Katharina Brandt, Friederike Teller, Emma Lou Busch, Luise Fock and Veronika Däges
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