Institutions for Adaptation

Deckblatt: Institutions for Adaptation
Towards an Effective Multi-Level Interplay

Different institutions play a crucial role in order to promote adaptation to climate change in developing countries. The Cancún Adaptation Framework includes provisions on institutions on the global, regional and national level, with the Adaptation Committee first to operationalize. In order to promote adaptation effectively, the interplay of the institutions on the global, regional and national level is pivotal. 

As a contribution to the current political debate, in particular in the UNFCCC negotiations, this paper analyses key institutional approaches on the different levels and makes a number of concrete suggestions with a view to optimising the interplay between institutions on the different level.

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Briefing Paper
Sven Harmeling, Sönke Kreft (Germanwatch), Sandeep Chamling Rai (WWF International)
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