Climate Change and Health – Time to Act

Deckblatt: Climate Change and Health - Time to Act
Facts and Conclusions for Industrial and Developing Countries

Climate change will result in grave consequences for the health of the world population. While industrialized countries have begun to protect themselves by starting adaptation programs developing countries have only limited resources to do so. They however - and especially least developed countries - will suffer most from climate change. Yet historically the global warming is a result of the industrialization in the north although meanwhile emerging economies contribute more and more.

Because of the negative effects of climate change on health and the positive "side effects" of mitigation measures for human health the international discussion on climate change and the necessity for mitigation and adaptation needs to place much more emphasis on health issues. 

Health professionals and the health sector in general need to battle climate change - for health reasons as well as for the sustainability of human life.

Winfried Zacher ( Special thanks to Richard McLellan for helping with this paper
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