News | 15 June 2012

Script competition: "The Great Transformation"

Call for scripts for producing a short video clip
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The world is rapidly changing, and we are right in the midst of various environmental, societal, cultural, and economical transformations. Will these shifts, in sum, constitute a Great Transformation that will re-embed the economy within the realms of society and nature? For civil society organizations around the globe, the pivotal question is: how can we best shape these transformations in a fair, inclusive, and environmentally sound way, so as to enable human development and restore cultural diversity while remaining within planetary boundaries?


Announcement of a script competition

Closing date: 10 August 2012

On the occasion of our international NGO-dialog project “NGO Strategy Dialogue on Energy and Climate, Agriculture and Food Security towards the Great Transformation - NGO SEAT” with an international conference attended by 150 international experts from all over the world (Bonn, 1-4 November 2012) we announce a competition for the best script on the topic of the Great Transformation. If you think you have an extraordinarily unique, amazingly original, and at the same time well-founded, intelligent and entertaining script idea in your mind – send it to us!

The winner will be awarded with prize money of € 2000 to € 4000 which should help to produce the short video clip. The exact value of the price money will be fixed by the jury.

Further honor will be handed to the winner by showing the video clip during the opening session of the conference and further sessions. In addition, the video clip will be available on a long-term basis on the Germanwatch website and YouTube Channel. The second prize will be € 500 and the third € 250.


What do we expect from you?

The competition is intended for scripts only. Only submissions in English will be accepted. The submitted idea should not exceed 5 minutes in total for the video clip and must focus on the Great Transformation. The topic might be approached taking into account the following thoughts:

  • Why do we need a Great Transformation (e.g. to turn challenges such as crises in climate, energy, food and financial systems into opportunities)?
  • What needs to be transformed and how (e.g. consumption and lifestyles, systems and ideas of growth, values, perceptions, attitudes, aspirations, role models etc.)?
  • How will the Great Transformation positively affect our lives (e.g. societal well-being, happiness, buen vivir, co-existence with nature etc.)?
  • Which role can Civil Society and other actors play to promote the Great Transformation (e.g. new forms of organising society, participation, ownership etc.)?
  • How can political processes such as the follow-up to the Rio summit or the UN climate negotiations play a role in this process?

The closing date for the competition will be 10 August 2012 (i.e. we need to receive your envelope until this date!). Decisions will be announced on 25 August 2012. Once the winners have been announced, the winner of the first price will receive € 2,000 to € 4,000 to produce a short video clip based on the script. The closing date for the production of the video clip will be 15 October 2012. Germanwatch might be in a position to even fund the realisation of more than one video clip and even beyond this date, which can only be decided at a later stage.


Some formalities for the submission

In order to submit the script, please send the following elements inside one envelope:

  1. working title and a short description of content (max. 10 lines, on the title page of the script)
  2. the script and if necessary a description of the setting and acting persons
  3. a detailed timetable of the steps of production
  4. a detailed budget estimation for the production of the video clip (e.g., fees for actors and expenditure on materials and equipment)
  5. samples of your previous work if existent
  6. a short CV of the author(s)
  7. the signed application form

Put the title of the planned video clip on the closed envelope.

Please send submissions to:

Germanwatch e.V.
Boris Schinke / "Call for scripts"

Kaiserstr. 201
53113 Bonn


Contact and further information

Name: Boris Schinke

Tel.: +49 (0)228-60492-32