Framing the Loss and Damage debate

Cover: LD Framing the debate
A conversation starter by the Loss and Damage in Vulnerable Countries Initiative, Advance version


This document outlines initial thoughts by the ‘Loss and Damage in Vulnerable Countries Initiative’ to provide some conceptual and framing input into the loss and damage negotiations under the UNFCCC. Given both the preliminary nature of these discussions and the complexity of the issue of loss and damage, a precise definition may not be necessary and in fact may even be counter-productive at this early stage. Instead at this point in the discussion it may be more useful provide a spectrum of relevant scientific and policy perspectives and areas of expertise in an attempt to inform ongoing dialogue.

With this in mind, the project consortium aims to test a broad working definition and narrative of loss and damage, which will evolve and be refined through a process of engagement and discussion with a wide community of experts, delegates to the UNFCCC, and practitioners. By facilitating discussion of the issue the consortium hopes to enhance understanding of loss and damage while providing a platform for exchange of ideas around the working definition of loss and damage as well as its implications for policy and practice for stakeholders and Parties. This is one part of a wider contribution of the “Loss and Damage in Vulnerable Countries Initiative” to discussions on loss and damage in the run-up to COP18 in Doha and beyond.

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