Global Climate Risk Index 2013


The press list contains a selection of online articles from around the world available shortly after the release of the Global Climate Risk Index. They may be outdated after a few weeks or months.

Deutsche Welle (English), 27.11.2012
"Poor countries hit hardest by climate change"
By Andrea Rönsberg

Bloomberg News, 27.11.2012
"Thailand, U.S. Had Biggest Losses From Weather in 2011"
by Alex Morales

Nicaragua Dispatch, 27.11.2012
"Nicaragua ranks third for vulnerability to climate change"
By Tim Rogers

Cambodia Daily, 28.11.2012
Cambodia 2nd Most Affected Country by Climate Change in 2011
By Denise Hruby and Khuon Narim, 27.11.2012
"Thailand, U.S. Had Biggest Losses From Weather in 2011"
By Alex Morales

Thailand Business News, 28.11.2012
"Thailand suffered Biggest Losses From Weather in 2011"
by Boris Sullivan

Money News, 27.11.2012
"Thailand, US Had Biggest Losses From Weather Damage in 2011"

The Costa Rica News, 28.11.2012
"Honduras and Nicaragua Among Countries Most Affected by Climate Change"

Pakistan Today, 28.11.2012
"Pakistan ranks third in climate-risk index 2013"

Pakistan Observer, 28.11.2012
"Pak ranks 3rd in climate-risk index"

El, 27.11.2012
"Germanwatch: El Salvador es el 4º país más vulnerable al cambio climático"
By Lilian Martínez

Irinnews, 27.11.2012
"CLIMATE CHANGE: Natural disasters made history in 2011", 29.11.2012
"Philippines had most disaster deaths in 2011"
By Jojo Malig

UN-Spider, 30.11.2012
"Extreme weather events: Developing countries hit hardest in 2011"

New Tang Dynasty Television, 27.11.2012
"Climate Impacts Developing Countries Hardest"

Alertnet, 27.11.2012
"US soars up list of climate-impacted countries - report"
Laurie Goering (Brazil), 29.11.2012
"Brasil é 6º país afetado por eventos climáticos extremos" (Mexiko), 27.11.2012
"Durante la cumbre sobre cambio climático en Qatar, se reveló que las naciones que han sufrido más daños son Honduras, Myanmar y Haití" (Russisch), 27.11.2012, 27.11.2012

The Peninsular (Qatar), 28.11.2012
"Rising sea threatens artificial Gulf islands"

Aftonbladet (Sweden), 29.11.2012
"Rapport: Thailand värst drabbat av klimatförändringar" (Vietnam), 29.11.2012
Công bố chỉ số rủi ro khí hậu toàn cầu