Adaptation Committee #2

Deckblatt: Adaptation Committee #2
A Germanwatch pre-sessional briefing on the AC´s second meeting


Brief summary:

The second meeting of the Adaptation Committee – scheduled for the 5th to the 8th of March – represents a critical juncture for its work. The AC – the UNFCCC’s primary advisory body on matters related to adaptation – will have a head start to implement its recently endorsed 3 years work plan.

Issues on the agenda include:


  • analyse and establish concrete activities to advance the coherence on adaptation under the Convention;
  • initiate a process to engage UN and regional agencies to report on adaptation support;
  • develop concrete products (list of adaptation experts and a clearing house mechanism for national adaptation planning);
  • start a process to develop guidance on national adaptation planning for non-LDCs;
  • develop ideas for an adaptation overview report, periodic reports and a high-level adaptation forum;
  • provide inputs into the long-term finance discussions;
  • embark on a communication strategy.

This time the AC needs to role up its sleeves and bring the work plan to a good start. The first meeting of the AC was an exception – a hasty start with little preparation possible as a result of late nominations. The second meeting will give much more insights in the ordinary working mode of the AC.


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Briefing Paper
Sönke Kreft & Sven Harmeling
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