News | 17 March 2014

Arab NGOs call on EU to adopt a strong climate package for post-2020


One week prior to the European Council of 20/21 March 22 civil society organizations of 9 Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries urge the EU heads of government to regain the EU’s former climate leadership by backing progressive 2030 climate and energy targets.

Faouzi Mamouri, the director of WWF North Africa comments the open letter: “It seems that the EU is taking a step back on climate action. This is an extremely discouraging signal for the whole [MENA] region.”

Safa al Jayoussi of Greenpeace Mediterranean comments: “If the EU does not move forward with a strong commitment in its climate and energy policy it will lose its prominent voice on low-carbon development. The current weak proposal of the European Commission will not encourage political leaders of our region to agree on an ambitious post-2020 climate regime.”

Patricia Sfeir of Indyact (Lebanon) comments: “The EU can demonstrate to the international community its credibility and willingness to play a leading role at the UN climate negotiations only by backing three binding 2030 targets for emissions reduction, renewable energy and energy efficiency.”

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