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The "Worksheets on Climate Change" are suitable for natural and social science lessons for upper secondary education (some also suitable for pupils from the tenth grade onwards). In addition to the general description of the interactions and causes, they address the possible effects of climate change, especially in their regional differentiation. It is important to look at the issue of “climate change” not only from an environmental point of view but also to include the development dimension and the question of equity. This is the focus of the worksheets and the corresponding materials by offering the opportunity to draw up different case studies from developing countries, which the pupils can use in the exercises.

First of all, general issues of climate change are considered in an introductory worksheet titled “Global climate change – General issues”. These issues look at the causes, culprits, consequences and possible solutions. In the subsequent case studies, the current situations in industrialised and developing countries and the question of why these are affected differently by climate change are analysed in a more focussed manner.


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