News | 15 August 2022

Open letter: German G7 Presidency should ensure sustainability in hydrogen trade

Verbändebrief Mai 2022

In their joint open letter, Germanwatch, Bread for the World, Friends of the Earth Germany, Misereor, DNR, WWF, the Climate Alliance, the Heinrich Böll Foundation and Environmental Action Germany appeal to the German government and call for stronger commitment to creating an international hydrogen market that is compatible with sustainable development and supports the just energy transition in partner countries.

Every step towards building up a global hydrogen market must contribute to reaching the Paris climate goals and the Sustainable Development Goals. This requires a clear and consistent set of sustainability standards for the production and trade of green hydrogen and its derivatives. In particular, hydrogen partnerships must also be equitable: Local energy supply should have a clear prerogative and civil society should be involved in the cooperation on an equal footing through transparency and participation opportunities. Furthermore, future cooperation and investment decisions should always be in line with human rights and promoting local climate protection. In this context, it is elementary that additional plants for the generation of green electricity are created to prevent endangering the energy transition in partner countries. Germanwatch and the other signing organizations, therefore, plead for the establishment of a task force within the framework of the G7 summit, which will take on these important tasks.