Blogpost | 03 May 2023

How to Measure Countries’ Climate Performance

Man testing the sea ice

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There are several metrics and possibilities to measure the performance of climate policies and actions, which differ in methodology and indicator choice.

Our Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) measures the climate performance of 59 countries (and the EU) that are collectively responsible for over 90% of global emissions. All major economies and many emerging economies are included.

The CCPI is based on criteria including the country’s emissions levels, energy use, and use of renewable energy, as well as its climate policies (find more about our methodology here). Other indexes place their focus in different areas and this post will examine those, as well, giving credit where due, because all the indexes serve an important role.

This post examines the importance of scientific climate performance indexes, and how you can understand them.


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Policy Advisor – Low-Carbon Strategies & Energy

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