Climate Change from above (DVD)

DVD Cover Climate Change from above

Germanwatch released a DVD with educational material on climate change in a South-North dialogue with partners from Bangladesh, Germany, India, Jamaica and South Africa.  Most oft the material is now available online. It approaches the issue of climate change from a new perspective: from above. Discover Worksheets, personal stories, short films, posters and many other material on the following pages.

This material is meant to support people who do educational work, like teachers, NGO educational staff or as a youth group leader, who themselves address young people and students to provide them with new and fascinating material on climate change.


1. Climate Change from above
1.1 Climate Change from above booklet

2 Worksheets
2.1 Worksheets: Global Climate Change
2.2 Worksheets: The melting glaciers
2.3 Worksheets: Sea Level Rise
2.4 Worksheets: Small Island States
2.5 Worksheets: Rainforests
2.6 Worksheets: Food Security
2.7 Worksheets: Extreme Events
2.8 Introduction & Explanations to the Worksheets

3. Personal Stories on CC
3.1 Climate Witnesses
3.2 Adaptation Stories
3.3 Mitigation Stories
3.4 Education & Awareness

4 Media Toolbox
4.1 Satellite Images
4.2 Short Films
4.3 Songs
4.4 Posters
4.5 Educational Games

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