Supporting the establishment of the National Mechanism on Loss & Damage in Bangladesh

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Enhancing climate resilience through a multi-actor partnership project

Climate change-related loss and damage (L&D) is already a lived reality for people around the world, threatening their fundamental human rights and trapping them in poverty. Poor and vulnerable communities, who are least responsible for climate change, are already bearing the brunt of its impacts. Comprehensive mechanisms are urgently needed to help them recover from extreme events, build new livelihoods, and proactively respond to slow-onset processes. At the national level, Bangladesh is planning to establish such a comprehensive National Mechanism on Loss and Damage through a two-year pilot project. From 2023 to 2026, ADAMS, ICCCAD and Germanwatch are jointly implementing a multi-actor partnership project to "Support the establishment of the National Mechanism on Loss & Damage in Bangladesh". In this project flyer, you will find information on the project background, objectives, activities, and project partners.

Laura Schäfer, Asiq Mahmud, S M Saify Iqbal
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Senior Advisor – Climate Risk Management
Coordinator – Climate Foreign Policy and G7

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Policy Advisor – Climate Loss and Damage

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Head of Division – International Climate Policy