News | 22 April 2024

Germany, Poland, and France: The Weimar Triangle needs to turn green

Open letter to the French, German and Polish Ministers of Climate and Environment and Ministers Foreign Affairs
Image of open letter

The EU’s ability to enact ambitious climate policies relies on effective leadership and demonstrated commitment from influential Member States. Poland as an influential voice in Central and Eastern Europe, together with Germany and France as two powerful drivers of EU policy making should join forces to advance the socially just implementation and evolution of EU climate policies. Together, the three countries account for nearly half of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU, making them instrumental in turning European climate targets into reality. 

On the occasion of the EU‘s Foreign Affairs Council on 22 April 2024, representatives from leading think tanks, environmental NGOs, businesses, and scientific institutions in France, Germany, and Poland, are calling for the establishment of a 'Green Weimar Triangle' to renew trilateral climate dialogue among the three countries. With the new EU institutional cycle and the Polish EU Presidency drawing closer, the moment is right for the Green Weimar Triangle to come into fruition.