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Empowerment for Climate Leadership - About

The Empowerment for Climate Leadership shall give opportunities for young participants to learn both – European and Southern perspectives on climate protection, climate policy and sustainable development.

About the COURSE

Throughout the training process of the "Climate Resilience and Sustainability - Young Leaders Training Course 2017/2018", participants will stay in regular online contact with a partner from the other country. Selected youth participants will have the opportunity to meet each other for three weeks in Bonn during the UN climate conference COP23 in November 2017. Towards the end of the project , in June 2018, all participants from Tanzania and Germany will meet again in Tanzania.

The aim of the program is to provide opportunities to discuss questions referring to sustainable development, equity, sustainable lifestyles for a global middle-class and to work on private and political options for action. Further topics of discussion will be the global climate crisis, the international climate process and policy, national/regional strategies on sustainability measures, intercultural learning, networking and communication, political framing, energy and water sector transitions and possibilities of securing the sustainable world we want.

ECL - Trello

Trello is used as the central online tool to organize the course. The participants can exchange ideas, document their results and articles, and get an overview on details and relevant information of all phases of the project. The project organizers can track the participants‘ learning process, receive their results and collect and share all relevant materials. Twelve boards contain the input and tasks of the course modules, highlighting module 5 and 9 that document the exchanges in Germany and Tanzania. Four additional boards are used to collect resources, methods and articles and to centralize information.

Who is TAKING PART in the project?

The two main project partners CAN Tanzania and Germanwatch undertake the project and cooperate throughout the process on equal terms. Core of the project and main actors for an effective exchange are 24 young activists from Germany and Tanzania aged 20 to 30, who are already involved in civil or youth organizations. The whole project receives support from an international advisory board composed of WESSA South Africa, CEE INDIA and ESD expert.net Germany, accompanying the project and, if applicable, diversifying the group with participants form their organizations allowing a possible project transfer to their countries.

Together with our colleagues at CAN Tanzania we are excited to accompany our participants in their exchange experience and hope to create a great intercultural experience for all.

Our project partner CAN Tanzania

ECL CAN Tanzania 3
ECL CAN Tanzania 2

CAN Tanzania was founded on 28th November 2011 and is registered as a national branch under CAN International. CAN Tanzania aims at mobilizing, advocating and empowering Tanzanian communities to rise a collective national voice in the debate on regional climate change adaption and mitigation.

Who we are

CAN Tanzania works to promote and strengthen Tanzanian Civil Society, media and local communities through enhancing capacity in information sharing and managing community based projects that add value to mitigation, adaptation to reduced vulnerability of climate change impacts and poverty reduction strategies. Since its establishment, CAN Tanzania has been working with a number of government ministries and agencies including Environment, Local Government, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Energy (department of renewable energy and policy) Natural Resources and Tourism, Water, Work and Finance especially planning Commissions. It also works with the parliamentary standing committees and research institutions. At local level, CAN Tanzania works with districts and villages in different parts of the country in the areas of poverty reduction strategies, climate finance, renewable energy, environmental friendly agriculture, fisheries, land planning and management, water access and allocation and sustainable natural resource utilisation. Our work targets the adoption of Low Carbon Growth, poverty reduction through enhanced community livelihood activities and hence a climate resilient-economy among citizens. We also strive to localize the international climate agenda and agreements into our local context. In collaboration with our partners supporters and donors, the accumulated projects achievements, learnings and barriers are always shared with international fora such as UNFCCC negotiations, high level meetings for dissemination, learning and upscaling.


Ensuring and realizing socioeconomically powerful and climate resilient community that takes actions to mitigate climate change impacts whilst using natural resources wisely.


To support and bring together Tanzania community to influence and advocate for the development and implementation of effective national policies, strategies and actions which respond to, and prevent further climate change impacts whilst reducing poverty and ensuring long term sustainable development.

Empowerment for Climate Leadership