Wir treten für eine Landwirtschaft ein, die nicht auf Kosten der Länder des Sü­dens, der Umwelt, der Menschen und Tiere geht, und zudem dazu beiträgt, die Ernährung möglichst weltweit mit einer kleinbäuerlichen Landwirtschaft zu sichern.

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18 February 2014
Cover Food security
Trends and key challenges

The materials presented here give pupils the opportunity to work through the links between the areas of food security and global climate change. These connections, intensifying as they are in a world of increasing globalisation and constant change, are examined throughout the various regions and in a more detailed way.

07 January 2014
Cover Livestock and food security

Our analysis has shown that, to optimize the interrelationship between soil, climate and cattle and maximize the latter‘s contribution to global food security, the following steps need to be taken...

30 September 2013
Logos GW and Perspectives

For many developing countries ensuring food security remains a key development challenge, often aggravated by climate change impacts. However, a number of governments that set-up national climate change strategies with the intention to improve conditions in the agricultural sector often find it difficult to address climate change mitigation, adaptation and food security elements in a synergy-oriented manner. The question arises what kind of institutional set-up would be required to better address this challenge?

13 October 2008
Cover: Climate change, food security and the right to adequate food

Climate change threatens to make the already difficult situation of food security in the world even worse. The Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) - based on the evaluation of many scientific studies - has made a critical assessment of the possible impacts of climate change on agriculture, livestock and fishing, particularly in the countries of the tropics and sub-tropics.

26 November 2002

Within the framework of the initiative "Securing Food - For a Global Paradigm Shift in Agricultural Policies" FIAN, German National Association of Worldshops and Germanwatch support fair rules for international trade in agricultural goods. It is our opinion that a Global Paradigm Shift in Agricultural Policies is necessary to ensure the human right to food for all human beings and to provide agricultural production with a social, ecological and consequently, sustainable profile.


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