Our Topics

The politics and economics of the North stand at the centre of our work. We advocate for a political, economic and social framework which can ensure a future for the people of the South.

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We are facing two major climate challenges. First, to avoid the unmanageable impacts of climate change, through climate action. Secondly, to cope with unavoidable impacts of climate change, through adaptation. Germanwatch is working on equitable and efficient solutions to both.

Our vision is a fair and ecologically compatible global agricultural, food, and trade system. We advocate for environmentally just and climate-adapted agriculture, animal husbandry, and land use as well as for fair incomes and rural areas worth living.

While globalisation ususally benefits businesses, its negative impacts are often disastrous for both people and the environment. Germanwatch campaigns for politicians and companies to respect their human rights and environmental responsibilities.

In our educational work, we focus on corporate accountability, fair trade, and climate protection. Germanwatch actively fosters initiative, sustainable thought and action.