Worksheets: Climate Change in the city. The twin cities of Bonn (Germany) and Chengdu (China)

Cover WS Chengdu Bonn

This worksheet begins with a general discussion of the effects of climate change for Germany and China, providing background material on the national contexts. Students are made aware that climate change not only affects the Global South, but that it is already affecting areas of life in all the geographical zones of the world. After this general introduction the focus shifts to the local level, the twin cities of Bonn and Chengdu, allowing students to understand the topic of climate change with reference to a specific, narrowly defined urban context. This gives them an insight into development policy issues with regard to climate change.

The two cities, Chengdu and Bonn, have been linked by a project partnership for several years, and they serve as an example that includes the perspectives of both an industrialized and an emerging country. The idea is that students will develop an awareness of the diversity of climate protection and climate adaptation measures, and will be inspired to question individual and social modes of action, finding creative ways to reorganize these.


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Inga Zinck, Alexander Reif, Dirk Rommeney
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