Allianz Climate and Energy Monitor 2018

Cover Allianz Klima- und Energiemonitor 2018
Assessing the needs and attractiveness of low-carbon investments in G20 countries

The Allianz Climate and Energy Monitor 2018 compares the G20-countries in regards to their attractiveness for low-carbon energy infrastructure investments. Furthermore, it calculates the current and future need for investment in regards to achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement – limiting global warming to well below 2 degrees, preferably 1.5 degrees.

Reliable energy and climate policies, concrete and transparent support for renewable energy, fair competitive conditions in comparison to fossil fuels, and experience with renewables are key for high attractiveness. In addition, macroeconomic factors such as inflation, openness towards international investors, and legal certainty are considered.

Key findings:

  • France now most attractive for renewable energy investments, Italy climbs four ranks with much improved conditions
  • All countries need to improve their policy framework for required lowcarbon investments
  • Germany loses first rank, South Korea and Indonesia fall by 8 and 4 ranks
  • To comply with the Paris Agreement, investments into renewables have to grow significantly: USD 886 billion are needed for the power sector annually.

The Monitor is published by the Allianz SE in cooperation with Germanwatch and NewClimate Institute.

The report contains more graphs and Country Performance Charts.


Key Findings Allianz Climate and Energy Monitor 2018

Key Findings Allianz Climate and Energy Monitor 2018

Paris-Compatible Long-term Vision

Paris-Compatible Long-term Vision


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Allianz SE: Thomas Liesch | NewClimate Institute gGmbH: Katharina Lütkehermöller, Ritika Tewari, Niklas Höhne, Isabel Haase, Leonardo Nascimento | Germanwatch e.V.: Jan Burck, Franziska Marten and Carolin Grasi


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