Leveraging the Rail Summit to prepare for a European Rail Renaissance

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To become climate neutral by 2050 at the latest, the European Union needs to reduce transport emissions by 90%. Rail as one of the cleanest modes of transport can play a key role here.  On 21 September 2020, Germany as the EU Council Presidency is convening a Ministerial conference on rail transport. NGOs from Germany, Poland, France, Spain and Brussels are calling on EU transport ministers to initiatie a European Rail Renaissance. This would be a win for economic recovery, European cohesion and the climate. The declaration asks for concrete measures to make rail cross-border rail transport in Europe more attractive:

  1. Make searching and booking easier to support demand
  2. Europeanise planning and management of international services
  3. Support the launch of new international services
  4. Start a European investment initiative ‘Renaissance of Rail – Connect Europe’
  5. Get the price right to create a level playing field


Germanwatch e.V. (Germany), The Civil Affairs Institute (Poland), France Nature Environnement (France), ECODES (Spain), Eco-union (Spain)
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