Blogpost | 21 December 2020

Green and Resilient Recovery in India

Joint Blog Series of Vasudha Foundation and Germanwatch discussing the design of Green & Resilient Recovery in India through renewable energy development and systemic resilience building.

Against the background of the social, economic and political COVID-19 effects on India, all business-as-usual scenarios for economic development and emission trends of Indian and resilient society building are outdated. There is both the possibility of an accelerated structural change to renewable energy, away from fossil fuels and combustion engines and the danger of a massive rebound effect for the emissions path. The same width of possibilities exists between society-wide resilience building and intensified inequality.

The question of what India's recovery strategy - and international support - will look like will create central path dependencies. Especially now, in the new challenge of the Corona crisis, India needs reliable and strong partners such as Germany and the EU to enter into more sustainable pathway through the recovery packages. Strategies for green and resilient recovery and NDC implementation and increase go hand in hand.


The blog posts were first published in December 2020 on the website of the Vasudha Foundation.


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