Briefing on the 21st meeting of the Adaptation Fund Board

Cover Briefing AFB21

This briefing paper summarizes the key issues on the agenda for the 21st meeting of the Adaptation Fund Board, which governs the Adaptation Fund set up under the Kyoto Protocol. The meeting will be held in Bonn, Germany from July 1-4, 2013.

Among the key issues is the consideration of further project and programme proposals reviewed by the Project and Programme Review Committee (PPRC) to be approved by the AFB and the accreditation of one additional Regional Implementing Entity (RIE). Furthermore, the AFB will continue to debate the difficult financial situation of the Fund, review a disclosure and licensing policy to achieve compliance with the International Aid Transparency Initiative Standard and discuss a procedure to deal with project or programme delays. Other important agenda items include the debate on a environmental and social safeguard policy, the report by the Board to CMP 9 as well as the overall evaluation of the Fund.

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David Eckstein and Alpha Oumar Kaloga with contribution of Sven Harmeling
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