News | 14 May 2024

Broad rail alliance co-initiated by Germanwatch calls for a relaunch of European transport on rails

Bahnhof am Morgen

In the run-up to the European elections, a broad alliance of 14 industry associations, companies, and civil society organisations has issued a joint declaration to politicians making clear that the EU's climate targets can only be achieved with a significantly increased commitment to rail transport. The EU must set a clear course for a shift to rail immediately after the elections. 

The declaration calls on the EU to make rail a focus of its legislation and investment decisions. The aim is to massively increase the attractiveness and capacity of rail transport throughout the EU. The EU needs a consistent modal shift to climate-friendly rail transport by 2030, underpinned by concrete targets and additional implementation instruments. 

The wake-up call was coordinated by the pro-rail Allianz pro Schiene, Germanwatch; and the German Railway Industry Association VDB. Other signatories include companies such as Deutsche Bahn, Flix and Trainline, large business associations from the rail industry such as the Association of German Transport Companies, the Association of Freight Wagon Owners in Germany, the Federal Association of Local Rail Transport and MOFAIR, as well as the passenger association PRO BAHN and the Association of German Railway Engineers. The two umbrella organisations Klima-Allianz Deutschland and Deutscher Naturschutzring represent the climate protection civil society, including trade unions, churches, and social organisations. In total, the signatories represent well over 1,000 member organisations such as Siemens Mobility, Alstom and Stadler, Caritas, Diakonie and Der Paritätische Gesamtverband as well as Verdi and other unions.