News | 29 May 2024

Shaping the EU's Future: Recommendations for the EU Strategic Agenda 2024–2029

Open letter to EU Heads of State
Vorschau EU Agenda Offener Brief

Every five years, European Union (EU) leaders come together to establish the political priorities for the next five years in the Strategic Agenda. It will steer the work of the European Council and provide guidance for EU institutions. The agenda is the result of a collaborative process, led by the President of the European Council, and involves discussions and joint decisions. It takes place in the context of the EU elections ahead of the appointment of the respective European Commission.

The EU's Strategic Agenda 2024–2029 begins to take shape with the following topics emerging as key issues: economic competitiveness, energy, security, and global engagement. 

Only one month is left before the EU Strategic Agenda will be adopted at the European Council meeting in June. Now, a broad alliance of civil society stakeholders, businesses, and organisations representing cities and regions across Europe calls on the EU Heads of State to base the Strategic Agenda on a transition to a green, climate-neutral, fair, and social EU. 

In their open letter, the authors outline how this approach would bolster Europe's economic competitiveness, security, and affirm its position in the world. All while ensuring that the existential threats of climate emergency will be averted through a just transition, as scientists – and citizens – emphasise.