The G7 Summit in Elmau

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Goals, Frictions, and Background Information in the Area of Climate Change

At the G7 summit in Elmau on 7 and 8 June 2015, the most important and affluent industrial nations will discuss how to facilitate the adoption of a new global climate change treaty. This white paper illuminates key background issues in the run up to the summit. It also identifies three signals that must be sent by the summit to underscore the commitment of industrial nations to preventing catastrophic climate change.
The most important questions at the summit include:
  • The G7 summit will be observed internationally as a warming up for the World Climate Summit in Paris this December. How serious are the largest industrial nations about averting climate change?
  • Will they translate the two-degree climate change limit into a concrete signal that the time of fossil fuels comes to an end – and for investment in renewables? The G7 nations must make their own efforts to phase out fossil fuels by 2050 – yet the devil is in the details.
  • How are concrete initiatives being initiated for the expansion of renewables in developing countries?
  • Is there an effective climate insurance initiative focused on the poor suffering from acute emergencies – for
    example, after extreme storms or droughts?
  • Can the G7 agree on a plan to provide the 100 billion USD that was promised to developing countries for climate
    protection and adaptation? According to World Bank calculations, two-thirds of this money has not yet
    been budgeted.
  • Will they send a signal to the Development Banks to invest in line with the two degrees limit?..


Contact to Germanwatch Spokespeople:
Christoph Bals, Germanwatch Policy Director, and Lutz Weischer, Germanwatch Team Leader for International Climate Policy, will be at the G7 press center during the summit and available for interviews.
For media enquiries, please get in touch with Stefan Küper, Germanwatch Press Officer,
phone: +49 (0) 151 252 110 72, email:
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