Using Decentralized Renewable Energies in the Water-Energy-Food Nexus to Strengthen Resilience with Moroccan Rural Communities

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This policy brief introduces the connection and interdependencies of water, energy, and food (WEF) in Morocco with special focus on the role of women in the WEF nexus. Looking at the WEF challenges from a nexus perspective sheds light on the wider implications of sectoral interventions and helps to identify holistic management strategies.

The policy brief gives advice on how to achieve socioeconomic and environmental goals through coordinated management of natural resources across sectors. This involves recommendations on (1) fostering meaningful community engagement in sustainable resource management, (2) increasing cross-sectoral partnerships and coordination, and (3) developing an integrated WEF policy framework for sustainable development. Last but not least, a case study is introduced that adopts a WEF nexus approach that capitalizes on local solar potential and the competitiveness of solar PV systems in rural Morocco.

Yossef Ben Meir, Kerstin Opfer, Ellen Hernandez
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Policy Brief