Implementation of the Just Energy Transition Partnership in South Africa

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Lessons Learnt for Civil Society Organisations (CSO)

The Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP), announced last year with South Africa, aims to reduce emissions in the energy sector and accelerate the coal phase-out process. The partnership, first announced in COP26 with the promised value of 8.5$ billion, was then followed by a G7 announcement for a similar partnership in India, Indonesia, Senegal, and Vietnam. As an important thread in the social fabric of many countries, it is crucial for CSOs to be involved in providing input and monitoring the partnership process, especially as Indonesia and India are preparing their own JETP. This briefing identifies the JETP development in South Africa, the role and perspective of Civil Society Organisations of South Africa in JETP, and pinpoints lessons learned for similar future partnerships.
The brief will focus on:

  • Background on JETP
  • JETP overview in South Africa
  • Involvement of CSOs in the JETP process
  • Lessons learned from South Africa’s experience on JETP for CSOs

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Amos Wemanya, Mohamed Adow (Power Shift Africa)
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Policy Advisor – German-Indonesian Civil Society Dialogues

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Head of Division – International Climate Policy
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