Africa-EU Energy Cooperation

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Green Energy Initiative in Perspective

The energy sector is critical to socio-economic development, tackling gender inequalities and handling health challenges and recovery, which makes it an important pillar for cooperation between Europe and Africa. It is in the best interests of both Europe and Africa to develop joint initiatives and programmes that (1) end energy poverty and create universal (decentralised) energy access (including to clean cooking) (2) accelerate renewable energy deployment (3) power key industries and sectors for Africa’s socio-economic transformation, and (4) maximise energy efficiency.

At the same time, the European Union (EU) and African Union (AU) must ensure a development-centred, rights-based approach, promoting and demanding success in good governance, ensuring gender mainstreaming, and guaranteeing early, comprehensive, and meaningful engagement of civil society organisations (CSOs), indigenous peoples, youth, and local communities in the governance and implementation of the partnership.

This policy brief first summarises energy-related outcomes of the AU-EU summit, including the Global Gateway Investment Package for Africa, then analyses corresponding risks and opportunities, including suggested ways forward. Last but not least, the brief summarises key recommendations for AU-EU cooperation on energy.

Amos Wemanya, Kerstin Opfer, Rachel Simon
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Policy Paper


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Policy Advisor - Energy Policy and Civil Society - Africa

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Head of Division - International Climate Policy