Climate Transparency Report 2022

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Comparing G20 Climate Action towards Net Zero - The Highlights

This past year has seen massive impacts from climate change: heatwaves and wildfires in India, Europe and the USA; floods in Pakistan, China and Australia; droughts in Europe, East Africa, and North America; intense tropical storms in the central Pacific and North Atlantic. Meanwhile, global emissions are growing again after a short-term drop in 2020 caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The G20 countries have a special role to combat climate change - they are responsible for a majority of global emissions. This year’s Climate Transparency Report shows that G20 members are undermining climate efforts and fossil fuel production subsidies surge to highest levels ever in 2021.

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Senior Advisor – Low-Carbon Strategies & Energy, Project Lead Climate Indices

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Policy Advisor – Low-Carbon Strategies & Energy