Principles for Just Energy Transition Partnerships in the African Energy Context

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The first Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP) was announced with South Africa during the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow (COP26). Immediately after the announcement, other countries came forward and demonstrated their interest in establishing JETPs. Despite the increasing attention JETPs are receiving, not much is known about this new concept.

This position paper seeks to:

1) analyse the role of JETPs in the multilateral climate finance ecosystem

2) explore the challenges and opportunities of JETP-financed energy transitions in Africa, and

3) develop principles for establishing and operating truly just energy transition partnerships.

By developing guiding principles for JETPs, we aim to help JETP stakeholders establish a matrix that they can use to assess JETP selection, design, implementation, and impact, in addition to providing civil society organisations with the tools they need to engage in meaningful policy advocacy and support their respective governments in developing new JETPs.

Amos Wemanya (Power Shift Africa), Kerstin Opfer
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Position Paper


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Policy Advisor – Energy Policy and Civil Society - Africa

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Head of Division – International Climate Policy