The challenges of the Green Climate Fund's multi-country projects and programmes

Lessons from Africa

The multi-country projects and programmes financed by the Green Climate Fund (GCF) are of particular interest to African civil society organisations (CSOs) that, through their engagement with GCF processes and financed activities in their countries, have identified several concerns with their implementation.

This policy brief focuses on multi-country projects in Africa and discusses some of the issues CSOs identified, related to monitoring and evaluating such projects and programmes, accountability mechanisms, complementarity, context, governance structures, and community impacts. The brief provides general conclusions and recommendations on possible approaches for improving the performance of multi-country projects in the GCF.

Kondwani Mubisa, Julius N'goma, Bertha Argueta, Marie Pascale Banga Medjo, and Hervé Donatien Makebel Paglaga.
with inputs from Mirja Stoldt and Collins Otieno.
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Policy Brief