Green Hydrogen in Africa: Risks and benefits

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Several countries are currently in the process of developing strategies for their future energy systems. These often include investments in green hydrogen. Especially for African countries with a great potential for renewable energies, reprocessing them into green hydrogen provides a promising opportunity. Co-authored with the Panafrican Climate Justice Alliance, our fact sheet provides an overview of the benefits and potential risks that the new sector offers to producing countries in Africa, and outlines the measures needed to secure the expected opportunities.

The fact sheet addresses African stakeholders at different levels who will be involved in the development of the new sector. They range from civil society groups and platforms working on climate change and renewable energy, to national and regional non-governmental organisations (NGOs), policymakers, and other stakeholders involved in the energy transition.

Leonie Beaucamp, Eugene Nforngwa
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Policy Advisor – Renewable Energy and Hydrogen

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Head of Division – International Climate Policy