Renewable Senegal

Opportunities for German-Senegalese development cooperation towards a renewable future

Senegal has vast renewable resources and has already had major success in renewable energy development. However, Senegal faces a dilemma in its energy future: it can either use its renewable potential or risk stranded assets and high emission lock-in by relying on its newly discovered fossil fuel resources. In particular, a large scale switch to gas in Senegal is likely to have a significant impact delaying decarbonisation.

Germany has the potential to play a critical role to support Senegal's transition to a decarbonised renewable energy system, achieve universal energy access in the country, enable sustainable economic growth, and avoid stranded assets in the oil and gas sector. This paper aims to provide an overview of the opportunities to support Senegal in its transition to a decarbonised, renewable energy system, including a discussion of the challenges associated with this transition and the role that Germany can play in overcoming them.

Aki Kachi, Martin Voss, Juliette de Grandpre, Mats Marquardt
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Policy Advisor – Climate Diplomacy and Cooperation – Asia/China

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Head of Division – Future-proof Finance