Constitutional Complaint

Collage der Klimaklage-Kläger-innen

Nine young people filed a lawsuit against the German Federal Climate Protection Act and for their right to a humane future.

The young plaintiffs, aged between 15 and 32, want to have German climate policy reviewed by the Federal Constitutional Court. They are of the opinion that the Federal Government is not doing enough to combat the climate crisis with the Climate Protection Act and is thereby violating their fundamental rights - in particular their right to a humane future. The aim of the constitutional complaint is on the one hand to ensure that the law is adapted, but above all that laws with a conclusive reduction path towards greenhouse gas neutrality are enacted and implemented as quickly as possible. Germanwatch, Greenpeace and Protect the Planet support them with this.

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News and publications on the constitutional complaint

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08 October 2020

Against the background of the worsening climate crisis, the Climate Action Network (CAN) has launched the #WorldWeWant campaign. Through a series of short films, people from different regions of the world tell how climate change is affecting their lives and communities. Plaintiff Lüke Recktenwald is also involved with a video about his home island Langeoog.

22 July 2020
Lüke Recktenwald auf Langeoog
Lüke Recktenwald from the North Sea island Langeoog is committed to climate protection at home and in court.

Lüke Recktenwald is a real "islander". His family has been living on the North Sea island of Langeoog for four generations and runs a hotel and restaurant. Whether Lüke will be able to live and work on the island in the future like his parents is uncertain, as Langeoog is increasingly threatened by the climate crisis. In this interview he tells how he experiences the climate and health crisis on the island and why he decided to go to court to demand climate protection.

01 April 2020

Anyone who violates another person’s fundamental rights by emitting greenhouse gases bears a double legal duty: First, to put a stop to this harm so that the (fundamental) rights of others are not undermined. Second, polluters have to account for the protection of those at risk as well as the damages that still occur. In order to enforce these legal obligations in Germany and internationally, Germanwatch supports three climate lawsuits.

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