What does a just and inclusive Green Transition look like? - Africa-Europe Week




Together with African and European Civil Society Organisations and Local Authorities, we bring you two forums focused on moving the Africa-EU partnership forward through “Participatory and transparent governance: A people-centred approach”. The programme includes joint opening and closing sessions, which will concentrate on the roles of CSOs and LAs in the partnership; as well as two dedicated forums discussing the themes and topics pertinent to each stakeholder group. Sessions are designed to be inclusive and interactive; they will support meaningful exchanges to forge key messages and recommendations on a joint and constructive future for both continents.

The session we are organising will focus on how the EU Africa partnership can support green transition to unlock long-term economic prosperity, poverty reduction and ecosystem resilience. This includes 100% renewable energy access targeting local communities and productive sectors to support livelihoods, just transition out of fossil fuels, supporting employment in circular economy, alternative conservation models and Nature-based Solutions. It will also look at empowering women and girls in the green economy and for Africa’s youth and informal sector.

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