Policy Brief on the EU-Africa-Strategy

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Policy recommendations for strategic planning

The new EU-Africa Strategy was proposed in March 2020 by the European Commission and the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. The aim is to strengthen cooperation in five key areas: 

1. green transition and energy access
2. digital transformation

3. sustainable growth and jobs
4. peace and governance
5. migration and mobility.

This new Africa- EU strategy has rightfully recognized that solving the current challenges requires new kinds of collective action, based on shared values and with an orientation towards resilient societies and sustainable futures. If designed appropriately, the Strategy has the potential to take the existing EU-Africa cooperation to a new level, to counterbalance Chinese investments in fossil fuels with investments in green, sustainable growth, and to develop actions that ensure people-centred, environmentally, and socially appropriate change processes. This Policy Brief identifies key policy recommendations for the proposed Africa-EU Strategy  to ensure that the subsequent policies and implementation strategies, developed in the context of the“Green Transition and Energy Access Partnership”, deliver for the people of Africa and the planet, on a long- term basis.

Kerstin Opfer, Dr. Grace Mbungu, Mohamed Adow
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Policy Brief