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01 May 2012
Germanwatch is convinced that the international mechanism for rainforest conservation and reduction of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere - REDDplus - will be only effective in the long-term if conservation activities in the developing countries are linked to measures that help erradicate poverty and support sustainable development.
13 October 2008
Climate change threatens to make the already difficult situation of food security in the world even worse. The Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) - based on the evaluation of many scientific studies - has made a critical assessment of the possible impacts of climate change on agriculture, livestock and fishing, particularly in the countries of the tropics and sub-tropics.
26 November 2002
Within the framework of the initiative "Securing Food - For a Global Paradigm Shift in Agricultural Policies" FIAN, German National Association of Worldshops and Germanwatch support fair rules for international trade in agricultural goods. It is our opinion that a Global Paradigm Shift in Agricultural Policies is necessary to ensure the human right to food for all human beings and to provide agricultural production with a social, ecological and consequently, sustainable profile.
Team Leader - World Food, Land Use and Trade
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