Setting the Tone for Social Aspects of the Just Energy Transition

Based on the Intergroup Dialogue Series on Just Energy Transition

In a series of dialogues with Indonesian civil society organisations (CSOs), Germanwatch and the Habibie Center explored how to integrate social justice aspects into the energy transition debate in Indonesia. The discussions built on lessons learnt from the development process of South Africa's Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP). They highlighted the importance of CSO involvement and government transparency in the overall JETP implementation and negotiation approach. This series of dialogues focused on the 'just' element of the energy transition, albeit the JETP is primarily a financial scheme. This background paper provides the context for how Indonesian CSOs view the JETP and how they relate to other key socio-economic issues.

Ann Phang, Giovanni Maurice Pradipta (Germanwatch), Julia Novrita (The Habibie Center)
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Background Paper


Policy Advisor – German-Indonesian Civil Society Dialogues

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Head of Division – International Climate Policy