Prospects for climate cooperation between the EU and China during the German EU Presidency - Worldwide and in the Western Balkans


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The event will be held in English. It is possible to raise questions and points for discussion in German.

Relations between the EU and China will be a central theme of the German EU Council Presidency. Against the background of conflicting values and interests, such as those relating to human rights and trade and investment relations, cooperation on climate protection can play an important strategic role as an "anchor for cooperation". We cordially invite you to an online seminar where the analyses of Germanwatch and international partners will be presented and discussed. We will approach the topic both on a global level and with reference to a region of particular strategic importance where both the EU and China are active in the energy sector: the Western Balkans.

The following experts will present their perspectives and discuss them with the participants:

  • Lutz Weischer, Political Director Berlin, Germanwatch
    • A view from Berlin on the potentials and pitfalls of European-Chinese climate co-operation
  • Li Shuo, Senior Climate & Energy Policy Officer, Greenpeace East Asia
    • A view from Beijing on the potentials and uncertainties of European-Chinese climate co-operation
  • Pippa Gallop, Southeast Europe Energy Advisor, CEE Bankwatch
    • Potentials of energy system transformation in the Western Balkans and the role of Chinese investments in the energy sector
  • Martin Voss, Consultant for Development Banks and Climate Transparency, Germanwatch
    • Presentation of the recommendations of the policy paper "Engagement with the Western Balkans Six for the Energy Transition under the German EU Council Presidency" Energy System Transformation in the Western Balkans: An Important Task for the German EU Presidency

It is obvious that the global climate crisis cannot be solved without China, the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gases, and that co-operation on climate protection would be in the interests of both sides. For co-operation to be successful, however, a realistic understanding of the difficult geopolitical environment and the positions and interests of both sides is needed. An understanding with China on climate policy should cover several issues: Green design of the economic stimulus packages in the Corona crisis, cooperation on "sustainable finance", raising climate targets and initiatives to protect biodiversity. In particular, both sides should agree that the orientation towards climate and sustainability goals should apply to their investments abroad.

This is particularly evident in the Western Balkans - a region where both the EU and China are investing heavily in energy infrastructure. In the Western Balkans, the EU has the opportunity to make it clear that the European Green Deal is an attractive offer for the future viability of the economy. And China, too, could show that "Ecological Civilization" and  "Greening the Belt and Road Initiative" will lead to other investments than financing of coal-fired power plants as has often been the case in the past.

You are cordially invited to this 90-minute online seminar. Further information on participation and registration can be found here.

The event is organised with the support of the European Climate Foundation.




Pippa Gallop
Southeast Europe Energy Advisor bei Bankwatch




Li Shuo
Senior Climate & Energy Policy Officer bei Greenpeace East Asia

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