Research meets Politics - A Franco-German response to the climate crisis?



Hertie School Jacques Delors Centre

What is the event about?

By 2050, Europe wants to be the first climate-neutral continent. This challenge cannot be met without innovative and transnational solutions. In this context, “Research meets Politics” provides a Franco-German platform to explore synergies between science and politics in response to the climate crisis. Svenja Schulze, Maja Göpel, François Gemenne, Thierry Philipponnat, Sabine Mauderer and many more experts will discuss scientific proposals that can address these issues, and in which way do policymakers respond to them? How will France and Germany meet these challenges?

The event starts off with Svenja Schulze, German Minister of the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, Maja Göpel, The New Institute,  Laurence Maillart-Méhaignerie, Assemblée nationale (tbc), Sébastien Treyer, IDDRI and Enrico Letta, Institut Jacques Delors taking a closer look at Franco-German projects and initiatives which could give the European Green Deal energy and visibility.   

The second panel shifts the focus from the European to the international arena and looks at how climate change is linked to security challenges. Audrey Mathieu, Germanwatch, Asako Okai, UNDP Crisis bureau, Prof. François Gemenne, Sciences Po and Reinhard Bütikofer, MEP (tbc) will discuss what France and Germany can do to mitigate these risks and strengthen UN-cooperation in this area. 

The third panel addresses the linkage of climate action and sustainable finance and provides insights on the respective positions of Germany and France, discussing how synergies can emerge. Sabine Mauderer, Deutsche Bundesbank, Sima Kammourieh, E3G, Laurence Parisot, Citi, Thierry Philipponnat, Finance Watch and Andreas Lenz, MEP (tbc) reflect on the potentials and obstacles for the financial sector to be a powerful instrument on the way to carbon neutrality.

"Research meets Politics" is held online and will be simultaneously interpreted into English, French and German

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