Climate Change from above

Cover Booklet Climate Change
Approaching Climate Change from an outer space perspective

This booklet is one result of an international workshop on climate change education held in Warsaw on 8–9 November 2013 and provides an introduction to global climate change by using satellite images. Germanwatch has experience of comparing live satellite images with archived footage of the earth, which has been successfully applied in educational work for almost ten years. Based on that experience, we have chosen an outer-space perspective as an entry point for education on climate change.

Climate change experts from non-governmental organisations in Bangladesh, Germany, India, Jamaica and South Africa selected the topics and images for this booklet: sea level rise, tropical cyclones, glaciers and ice sheets, as well as cross-cutting issues such as energy, agriculture, food and water.  Each chapter contains satellite images related to a particular topic. A short description of them and more general and brief information on the topic are provided.


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Alexander Reif, Desirée Rudolf
Bildung / Unterrichtsmaterial, Booklet
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