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Uniting Europe by Rail - German-Polish Mini-Conference on European rail as a fast, comfortable, accessible and climate-friendly transport

The crisis on the eastern border of the European Union reminds us how important a good connection between Eastern and Western Europe is for peace, prosperity and development. The railway, with its long European tradition, its speed and capacity is the climate-friendly means of transport of the 21st century. Poland and Germany play a central role in the European rail network. However, rail still offers a great deal of potential - in particular cross-border connections with a share of less than ten percent to date. What can politics, business and civil society in Germany and Poland do to realise this potential?

We will take a closer look at this question with experts and practitioners from Poland, Germany and the EU in our mini-conference Uniting Europe by Rail on May 24, 10-12h, online via Zoom. Ahead of the European transport ministers meeting on 2 June discuss with: Anna Deparnay-Grunenberg, Member of the European Parliament, Dr. Jakub Majewski, Head of EU Transport Policy Laboratory and President of ProKolej Foundation, Tomasz Prejs, Chief Executive Officer at Stadler Poland, Bart van Horssen, Associate Director at Apex Rail, Steffen Möller, German-Polish moderator, cabaret artist and author, and more.

A lively and valuable discussion would be nothing without the participation of you and an expert audience. Get to know members of the Europe on Rail-network, think-tanks and other European associations. After a stimulating introduction on the achievements and challenges for the further unfettered development of railways between the two countries, you will be able to actively participate in thematic discussions on issues such as railway infrastructure, rolling stock and the balance between the free market and state governance in the context of the railway renaissance.

The conference is organised by Europe on Rail, an alliance of think tanks and civil society in five EU member states (ES, FR, DE, PL, RO) working for an European Rail Renaissance.

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